Monday, 25 March 2013

Mass Revolutions of the Day begin with the keyboard using the most important tool of today's influence which is the Mass Internet Media as was the case in many recent revolutions.

We do not need en-mass numbers, We need to take the approach of the Guerrilla force which would pale in comparison to an Organised Army, but which can puncture the most vulnerable areas within today's False Feminism and their Vicious Lies.

Strike with force where Feminism has its weakest defense
eg. (Rendering 71% our children with single or no parents within our Western Family system)

Pro Men group should organize for an Industry or Franchise(We have excellent ideas which work) which brings in the much needed revenue than counting on donations.
We would be have an abundance of fish or revenue for Pro Men Activities than counting on where the next fish or revenue would come from.

Efficient smart organised  Members working towards a goal of Pro Men polices which include keyboard warriors along with organised foot soldiers or commando team(what ever we may call it) with team leaders under unified command working towards Ultimate Purpose of Pro Men policies  is the immediate need of the day.

Laws are made for a Psychological Control of the Mind and Rightfully so,
No Law in the World can stop a Determined Unison of Minds seeking a Positive Outcome,
If you Fear that Certain Laws are Exploiting you, Voice your Concern, But don't let it Subjugate your Will and Determination to Succeed and be Enslaved to Anyone.
You have the Ability to Love or Cause Harm in a Thousand  Ways Against the Oppressor where Laws have No Meaning.
Always Remember Wars are fought in the Mind First before the Sword.

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