Monday, 25 March 2013

Letting someone go Scot free after making a False Allegation is as much a crime as the False Allegation itself.
There are a hundred ways to Love or Hurt Intensely, where Laws have no meaning.

Abusers of the law should NOT walk the streets with pride &
MUST NOT enjoy the gifts of a False Allegation.
This is the only way to evoke the Social Consciousness in Society AGAINST making False Allegations for Tempting Gains.

The Law Abuser MUST KNOW that Temptation of the Fruit derived from a False Allegation would be Meaningless compared to the dire imminent consequences of Punishment.

If you Build a No Nonsense Reputation over the Years, No one would dare make a False Allegation on you in the first place.
Since Ancient times in Aristocratic Families Quality Life of Meaning & honor was More Important than Long Life of Mere Existence.
Meaning in Life is found only when there is True Fair Justice.

The Fiercest of Wild Animals & Humans MUST be tamed if they are out to get you.

No one can Give us Justice or Anything else, By whatever means you deem fit, You Ensure that you Get It.

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