Sunday, 24 March 2013

Every instance of False Allegation that goes unpunished by laws or otherwise gives impetus and encouragement to more false allegations to be made in the Society through a concept called Collective Consciousness in Meta Physics. As mentioned before there are thousand ways to make the False Accuser, Oppressor  pay for their Evil Designs and Deeds.

The principle of avoiding a false Allegation in the first place is Absolute Credible Deterrence or (ACD).
Which means that you let your False Accuser, Oppressor know that they would pay 3 times more for their False Accusation or Oppression in terms of punishment by Laws or Otherwise.

When you don't like somebody you transfer the thoughts subconsciously to the other person whether you are aware of it or not. In the same manner when you feel a state of helpless grieving about the laws against you, You have already lost the battle within your mind against your Oppressor False Accuser.

We should not forget that thoughts running in your mind have more power than than words. If the dominant thoughts running in your mind is one of being exploited, or instances of thoughts of where you are going to milked out of your money, property, Children with the thoughts of you being helpless, This gives tremendous motivation to your Exploiter, False Accuser to nail you with utmost ferocity because you have already started to loose the game in your mind letting your dominant thoughts and feelings convey your state of helplessness because you feel that the laws are stacked against you.

Therefore it is of utmost importance that you have thoughts and feelings of the ways and means you would employ to win your case against the Oppressor False Accuser, Most important is the thoughts and feelings you have in your mind as to how the Oppressor False Accuser is Clearly going to be punished firmly for the False Accusation or Oppression by their Evil plans & Actions against you.

This would transfer the message non verbally by Body Language & Telepathy to your Oppressor or False Accuser to stop in their tracks, because they would understand that they would loose more than gain by trying to mess with you and your life.
Aggression , Oppression, False Accusation is done only when there is a Low hanging fruits of Easy Gains.
No Country dare got to war with a Country which has Nuclear Weapons or an Individual who has Absolute Credible Deterrence (ACD).

Your Victory in the Game of Life lies in the Fact that you make your False Accuser, Oppressor know in Absolute Clear Terms that they would

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