Sunday, 24 March 2013

False Feminists after destroying the Western Family System reducing it to a 71% Orphaned and Single Parents Society have now begun a worldwide campaign for anti Male Laws USING LIES and EXTREME HATRED AGAINST BOYS & MEN are spread by the False Feminists against Men in General using the weapon of Rape and Exploitation to turn important MassMedia People Governments across the world against Men by demonizing MEN in General and framing laws which are extremely Biased putting Men in an absolutely Vulnerable state at the Mercy of the Women through Laws

Stastistics and History Cannot Lie, For Every 1 women or girl that is Alleged to have been raped or exploited there are 7 Young Boys and Men being tortured mercilessly beaten or murdered in the most gruesome of ways.

Now it a known fact Prominent Womens Organisations are  Manipualating Genuine Statistics for their Ulterior Motives, There has been a TV Sting on how the Women's organisations across the country have turned into an Extortion Syndicate Exploiting Men Mercilessly for Huge amounts of Money.

It is also evident through examples of Laws promoted by the WCD Ministry, that it has reduced itself to a Ministry advocating laws against Men.

As we know from History Women across the world should understand that Anti Men Laws and Legislation's promoted by the False Feminists would serve to only increase violence against us Women because as we known through History that when laws are Unjust and Extremely Biased the Oppressed take the Law into their own hands. As  in History of Civilization, Men  would take law into their own hands when Total Injustice is meeted out to them on a large scale. So instead of a rap from the Law for a False Complaint or Allegation for Us Women it can lead to sometime extremely gruesome in terms of revenge by the oppressed person because of  carnal instincts of revenge  since he has been punished unjustly.

History and Statistics never Lie, We Women should understand clearly that Anti Men and Extremely Biased Laws against Men would only serve to increase Violence against Us Women Exponentially.

No one is insulated from Unfair and Extremly Biased Laws. Time will Even out Opression. Soon in the Clock of time our Loved Sons, Fathers, Brothers, Close Friends would fall Victims to these Extremly Biased Laws  who are one of the Important Pillars of the Society. Destroying this Important Pillar is equal to Destruction of the Fabric of Society.

We Women understand in Clear Terms that Reduction of Crime in Society in General and Violence against Women is ONLY POSSIBLE when there are Gender Neutral Laws and its Effective Implementation.

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