Sunday, 24 March 2013

DO NOT defend a False Charge instead COUNTER ATTACK ON NUMEROUS FRONTS WITH EVEN MORE SERIOUS CHARGES, Back it up with witness(however it may be).

If you have Witness on your side no Verdict from the Courts can go against you.

According to the Law of Attraction in Meta Physics, Anything that you focus on with Energy Expands.

When you defend a false charge you are concentrating a lot a energy into the false charge expanding it and thereby making it Real.

You Must Win the game of the Mind to win the War.

If False Feminists, False Accusers, Oppressors, Exploiters defeat you with Despair in your Mind quoting the Laws against you, If you succumb to this Despair they have conquered your Mind & You have already Lost the war in the Beginning.

If your mind is constantly fearing and focusing energy on promotion of fear that something bad is gonna happen, sooner or later something bad will happen, because our Life and Lifestyle would be according to the dominant thought patterns in our mind  over a prolonged period of time,

As we know What we focus our energies on  Willingly or Unwillingly Expands, We know that we cannot control our thoughts but can feel the feelings of What We Want in Reality.

We know that our focus on Despair and Fear of Laws makes it Larger than Life and the other hand if we focus our Minds on Positive Outcomes and work towards it we are bound to be successful on any of our Mission sooner or later.

Pro Men's Groups and Pro Family Organisation must Turn the Fear and Despair of being Oppressed into feelings of  Positive Outcomes and filling the Mind of our members with Clear Cut Vision of what we want.

The Power of Intense Belief will work its Magic on Our Life Mission and Objectives.

Laws are made for a Psychological Control of the Mind and Rightfully so,
No Law in the World can stop a Determined Unison of Minds seeking a Positive Outcome,
If you Fear that Certain Laws are Exploiting you, Voice your Concern, But don't let it Subjugate your Will and Determination to Succeed and be Enslaved to Anyone.
You have the Ability to Love or Cause Harm in a Hundred Ways where Laws have No Meaning.
Always Remember Wars are fought in the Mind First before the Sword.

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