Monday, 25 March 2013

Mass Revolutions of the Day begin with the keyboard using the most important tool of today's influence which is the Mass Internet Media as was the case in many recent revolutions.

We do not need en-mass numbers, We need to take the approach of the Guerrilla force which would pale in comparison to an Organised Army, but which can puncture the most vulnerable areas within today's False Feminism and their Vicious Lies.

Strike with force where Feminism has its weakest defense
eg. (Rendering 71% our children with single or no parents within our Western Family system)

Pro Men group should organize for an Industry or Franchise(We have excellent ideas which work) which brings in the much needed revenue than counting on donations.
We would be have an abundance of fish or revenue for Pro Men Activities than counting on where the next fish or revenue would come from.

Efficient smart organised  Members working towards a goal of Pro Men polices which include keyboard warriors along with organised foot soldiers or commando team(what ever we may call it) with team leaders under unified command working towards Ultimate Purpose of Pro Men policies  is the immediate need of the day.

Laws are made for a Psychological Control of the Mind and Rightfully so,
No Law in the World can stop a Determined Unison of Minds seeking a Positive Outcome,
If you Fear that Certain Laws are Exploiting you, Voice your Concern, But don't let it Subjugate your Will and Determination to Succeed and be Enslaved to Anyone.
You have the Ability to Love or Cause Harm in a Thousand  Ways Against the Oppressor where Laws have No Meaning.
Always Remember Wars are fought in the Mind First before the Sword.

Real Men don't count on Biased systems  provide them with Fair Justice Always,
They know there are a thousand ways to get even.
They recognize in clear terms that Laws have no meaning when there are a thousands of ways to get back at the oppressor.
They understand that Laws are just for the psychological control of the Mind and sometimes rightfully so.
They Conceive in Clarity that Victory of the Mind is of Absolute Importance irrespective of what the situation holds.
They understand that Ultimately the Ball is in their Court irrespective of the Laws stacked against them.
 " After all the Greatest of King or Queen Bees would begin to turn dust without 5 minutes of breath "

Letting someone go Scot free after making a False Allegation is as much a crime as the False Allegation itself.
There are a hundred ways to Love or Hurt Intensely, where Laws have no meaning.

Abusers of the law should NOT walk the streets with pride &
MUST NOT enjoy the gifts of a False Allegation.
This is the only way to evoke the Social Consciousness in Society AGAINST making False Allegations for Tempting Gains.

The Law Abuser MUST KNOW that Temptation of the Fruit derived from a False Allegation would be Meaningless compared to the dire imminent consequences of Punishment.

If you Build a No Nonsense Reputation over the Years, No one would dare make a False Allegation on you in the first place.
Since Ancient times in Aristocratic Families Quality Life of Meaning & honor was More Important than Long Life of Mere Existence.
Meaning in Life is found only when there is True Fair Justice.

The Fiercest of Wild Animals & Humans MUST be tamed if they are out to get you.

No one can Give us Justice or Anything else, By whatever means you deem fit, You Ensure that you Get It.

DO NOT let circumstances determine the Playing Field of your life.

If you are at the receiving end of a False Allegation, It would be foolish to let yourself into a Playing Field where outcomes are usually pre-determined by extreme biased laws against you.

Your chances of winning the case is minimal to zero.

Instead you must determine the Playing Field which is advantages to you.
It may be with a Convincing Serious Counter-Allegation or course of justice that you deem fit.

To have the Last Laugh at your Adversary. You must open up a Playing Field where you have the Best imminent chance of Success.

The Choice to a Highly Probable Failure or Victory in the Battle Field of Life is Entirely Yours.


Sunday, 24 March 2013

DO NOT defend a False Charge instead COUNTER ATTACK ON NUMEROUS FRONTS WITH EVEN MORE SERIOUS CHARGES, Back it up with witness(however it may be).

If you have Witness on your side no Verdict from the Courts can go against you.

According to the Law of Attraction in Meta Physics, Anything that you focus on with Energy Expands.

When you defend a false charge you are concentrating a lot a energy into the false charge expanding it and thereby making it Real.

You Must Win the game of the Mind to win the War.

If False Feminists, False Accusers, Oppressors, Exploiters defeat you with Despair in your Mind quoting the Laws against you, If you succumb to this Despair they have conquered your Mind & You have already Lost the war in the Beginning.

If your mind is constantly fearing and focusing energy on promotion of fear that something bad is gonna happen, sooner or later something bad will happen, because our Life and Lifestyle would be according to the dominant thought patterns in our mind  over a prolonged period of time,

As we know What we focus our energies on  Willingly or Unwillingly Expands, We know that we cannot control our thoughts but can feel the feelings of What We Want in Reality.

We know that our focus on Despair and Fear of Laws makes it Larger than Life and the other hand if we focus our Minds on Positive Outcomes and work towards it we are bound to be successful on any of our Mission sooner or later.

Pro Men's Groups and Pro Family Organisation must Turn the Fear and Despair of being Oppressed into feelings of  Positive Outcomes and filling the Mind of our members with Clear Cut Vision of what we want.

The Power of Intense Belief will work its Magic on Our Life Mission and Objectives.

Laws are made for a Psychological Control of the Mind and Rightfully so,
No Law in the World can stop a Determined Unison of Minds seeking a Positive Outcome,
If you Fear that Certain Laws are Exploiting you, Voice your Concern, But don't let it Subjugate your Will and Determination to Succeed and be Enslaved to Anyone.
You have the Ability to Love or Cause Harm in a Hundred Ways where Laws have No Meaning.
Always Remember Wars are fought in the Mind First before the Sword.

Every instance of False Allegation that goes unpunished by laws or otherwise gives impetus and encouragement to more false allegations to be made in the Society through a concept called Collective Consciousness in Meta Physics. As mentioned before there are thousand ways to make the False Accuser, Oppressor  pay for their Evil Designs and Deeds.

The principle of avoiding a false Allegation in the first place is Absolute Credible Deterrence or (ACD).
Which means that you let your False Accuser, Oppressor know that they would pay 3 times more for their False Accusation or Oppression in terms of punishment by Laws or Otherwise.

When you don't like somebody you transfer the thoughts subconsciously to the other person whether you are aware of it or not. In the same manner when you feel a state of helpless grieving about the laws against you, You have already lost the battle within your mind against your Oppressor False Accuser.

We should not forget that thoughts running in your mind have more power than than words. If the dominant thoughts running in your mind is one of being exploited, or instances of thoughts of where you are going to milked out of your money, property, Children with the thoughts of you being helpless, This gives tremendous motivation to your Exploiter, False Accuser to nail you with utmost ferocity because you have already started to loose the game in your mind letting your dominant thoughts and feelings convey your state of helplessness because you feel that the laws are stacked against you.

Therefore it is of utmost importance that you have thoughts and feelings of the ways and means you would employ to win your case against the Oppressor False Accuser, Most important is the thoughts and feelings you have in your mind as to how the Oppressor False Accuser is Clearly going to be punished firmly for the False Accusation or Oppression by their Evil plans & Actions against you.

This would transfer the message non verbally by Body Language & Telepathy to your Oppressor or False Accuser to stop in their tracks, because they would understand that they would loose more than gain by trying to mess with you and your life.
Aggression , Oppression, False Accusation is done only when there is a Low hanging fruits of Easy Gains.
No Country dare got to war with a Country which has Nuclear Weapons or an Individual who has Absolute Credible Deterrence (ACD).

Your Victory in the Game of Life lies in the Fact that you make your False Accuser, Oppressor know in Absolute Clear Terms that they would

False Feminists after destroying the Western Family System reducing it to a 71% Orphaned and Single Parents Society have now begun a worldwide campaign for anti Male Laws USING LIES and EXTREME HATRED AGAINST BOYS & MEN are spread by the False Feminists against Men in General using the weapon of Rape and Exploitation to turn important MassMedia People Governments across the world against Men by demonizing MEN in General and framing laws which are extremely Biased putting Men in an absolutely Vulnerable state at the Mercy of the Women through Laws

Stastistics and History Cannot Lie, For Every 1 women or girl that is Alleged to have been raped or exploited there are 7 Young Boys and Men being tortured mercilessly beaten or murdered in the most gruesome of ways.

Now it a known fact Prominent Womens Organisations are  Manipualating Genuine Statistics for their Ulterior Motives, There has been a TV Sting on how the Women's organisations across the country have turned into an Extortion Syndicate Exploiting Men Mercilessly for Huge amounts of Money.

It is also evident through examples of Laws promoted by the WCD Ministry, that it has reduced itself to a Ministry advocating laws against Men.

As we know from History Women across the world should understand that Anti Men Laws and Legislation's promoted by the False Feminists would serve to only increase violence against us Women because as we known through History that when laws are Unjust and Extremely Biased the Oppressed take the Law into their own hands. As  in History of Civilization, Men  would take law into their own hands when Total Injustice is meeted out to them on a large scale. So instead of a rap from the Law for a False Complaint or Allegation for Us Women it can lead to sometime extremely gruesome in terms of revenge by the oppressed person because of  carnal instincts of revenge  since he has been punished unjustly.

History and Statistics never Lie, We Women should understand clearly that Anti Men and Extremely Biased Laws against Men would only serve to increase Violence against Us Women Exponentially.

No one is insulated from Unfair and Extremly Biased Laws. Time will Even out Opression. Soon in the Clock of time our Loved Sons, Fathers, Brothers, Close Friends would fall Victims to these Extremly Biased Laws  who are one of the Important Pillars of the Society. Destroying this Important Pillar is equal to Destruction of the Fabric of Society.

We Women understand in Clear Terms that Reduction of Crime in Society in General and Violence against Women is ONLY POSSIBLE when there are Gender Neutral Laws and its Effective Implementation.